Photographic Literature

Canon Rangefinder Cameras 1933-1968 By Peter Dechert  $32.00
Exakta 1933-1978 By Clement Aguila & Michael Rouah $32.00
Kodak Cameras, The First 100 Years $45.00
Leica Accessory Guide, 2nd Edition $17.00
LEICA M6: Rangefinder Practice M6 to M1 (3rd Edition)
  Hove User's Guide For Canon T90, EOS-1, EOS-3, EOS-5/A2/A2E, EOS-100/Elan, EOS-10/10S, Olympus IS-1/2/3, Nikon N70/F70, N6000, N6006, N8008s Each$10.00
New Book Nikon Rangefinder System From Robert Rotoloni $79.00
Zeiss Ikon Cameras 1926-1939 By D. B. Tubbs $32.00

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